Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey for 2016

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey for 2016

Best auto insurance companies in New Jersey? Actually it’s depends on lots of factors. Most of the best insurance companies have very competitive price, better customer services and lots of amazing coverage options. You see lots of ads on TV and peoples are very happy with their insurance company. But this is just a magic show and they are playing their tricks. So don’t fall for these tricks.

So with my experience and lots of research, I have the list of best companies, which I will recommend to my family and friends.

Best Insurance price in New Jersey

Everybody knows that premiums are going high all over the country not only in New Jersey. I have a research, and according to this, auto insurances rates rose more than 5% from March 2015 to March 2016. But that’s not it. It not stops here. It’s much worse than that. Another research showing that from last two years, premiums rose about 10%. So it’s very difficult to find best auto insurance companies in New Jersey. But not for me, I have spent lots of my time in this industry and lots of time with my research.

So why are the price going high and how you can you get a best insurance rate is all here in this article.

Why you paying too High

These are the main reason why are you paying high.

  1. Better New Jersey job market means people driving more and more. That means more and more accident. According to a report by National Safety Council, accidents rate are rising every year. According to this study accident increased 8% from 2014 to 2015. So this is also a very big reason.
  2. Speed limit plays a very important role in accident and insurance price too. There is lots of state which have increased their speed limit from 70 miles per hour to 80 miles per hour and after that 20% accident rates increased from last two year. So speed limit plays a great role here.
  3. Overall an American pays average 30,000 for his new car. If you have expensive car then your insurance also be very expensive. So it’s also depends on what kind of car you driving. If you have red colored expensive car then you have to pay more for everything.

So you can see price is increasing very year. So what you can do to get the cheap car insurance in New Jersey and how can you find a find Best auto insurance companies in New Jersey.

How to Get Cheap Auto insurance companies in New Jersey

I know price are high and increasing every year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay more then what is actually price and you will also learn how to buy and cheap car or auto insurance in New Jersey.

Follow this process to get the best insurance.

  1. Find Best car Insurance Company. Yes this is very important; I mean I will help you with it for sure. Check their online review, talk to people on some online forum and check out company online details as much as you can. Because this step will help you to lower your premiums.
  2. After filling contact us form, insurer will start calling you and will offer you the most recent insurance policy and they will help you with all kind of problem or doubts you have regarding to your model no. or car. Insurance broker is also an option here they will offer you lots of insurance policy and you can choose one according to your comfort. This one is one to see all the options and comparison in multiple policies.
  3. Now it’s time to compare the quote with each other now take all the quotes with the same price so you can compare them with each other. Don’t get over excited if a bad company offers you a good quote I strongly recommend you to go for good company rather than a poor company with good quote. If you want that your insurer will help you when the time is not right then not choose the poor company.
  4. Very basic rule is to leave your comprehensive and collision if it exceeds to 10% of your vehicle price. Leave it and get liability coverage only.

Discount from Auto Insurance Companies in New Jersey

  1. If you have antitheft device.
  2. If you are a student.
  3. If you have more than one policy from the same company.
  4. No tickets.
  5. If you have defense driving course.
  6. Long customer with the company.
  7. No accident from last 3 years.
  8. Student with good grades.


So here is finally we are at our most important point of this article. Price plays very important roles while you choosing an insurance policy. But don’t choose a cheap policy I recommend you to choose a better policy even if you have to pay more money. Because it will be really bad when you will claim and they will not care for your experience with them.

Here is the name of the Best Auto Insurance Companies in New Jersey

  1. State Farm is the one of best car insurance companies in New Jersey and their customer experience is the best, no company is better than State Farm if you talking about the customer experience. I’m amazed by their claim handling process and smooth customer services. It is very easy to contact them or talk to their agents even you can send a pic of your damaged car through their App. Compare to other insurance company they don’t allow you to talk their agents or let the agent help you when you file any claim. This will help you to stay away from the very painful process.

But there are some points they miss so you better know about them. They miss few driver discounts so whenever you buy any insurance talk to them by these driver discounts. Also they not provide you the new car replacement coverage. These are not very important for everyone but can be deal breaker.

But no one handle they claim the way they do, 18000 agents nationwide.  App to help you immediately, you can share the pic of your damaged car with them and then they will help you with everything. Other firm just provides you basic but State Farm they will help you with their best abilities. They have best rating by customers. They also have best tool to get the quote online. You can even compare the quotes with each other. This is very simple process and a click away and also tells you all the coverage options too.

  1. Amica is my favorite one, I want to give it to first place but there is lots of research giving to two, so I also decided to give it the Second place in my list. It has second highest rating from customer for their customer satisfaction services. You compare 20 other companies and Amica get the second place for their customer service that means a lot. It means they have a very long list of satisfied customer.

Amica is trustworthy insurance company. According to a report there are only few customers who have faced a little problem with claim process. Although quotes process is bit slowly, it if you call them or contact them online they will send you a basic quote and it will take 30 minutes to get the updated quotes from them. Amica missing some driver discount which they must provide to their customer like military discount and some others too. They are not enough resource online to help the customer on Amica site. In some policy you need some answers, you have doubts then there is not enough help online. So this is also a disadvantage.

In J.D. satisfaction survey Amica score perfect in 4 services out of 7. This is good news and an achievement too.  They also have stable rating everywhere. If you compare it with other company then they don’t have body shop restriction, but most company do. They also have a coverage called platinum coverage choice; it’s a bit expensive but covers lots of property in it and also if you are a good driver or not got any tickets then you will get some reward points. They offer all drivers and all kind of vehicles for their insurance. This is not offered by the most insurance companies.

  1. The Hartford is 10 largest auto insurance company but it surprise it’s customer with their services. They also have very beneficial policy list like how much you drive the car and new car replacement program also. This is the only company which scores perfect 100 in car insurance discount.

With these kinds of policy and discounts according to some reports, customers are still less than average satisfied. It also has 2 stars rating which is not very good for its customer interaction.

Like Amica they also don’t have much online education source. You can see there is so much competition and they have big competition but still not much help online. People want transparency. So if they have some doubts or questions they can read online.

They have mechanical repair policy according to this policy they will cover the fee of mechanic and repair. This is the only company which has this coverage policy. They not only give you discount and good policy list but also give you benefit of policy selection. These are very nice option they offer to their customers, they also give you on road help services.

Once again I like to mention this point that they get 100 out of 100 in preaches service.

  1. Progressive car insurance is also a very good choice and they deserve to be in Best auto insurance companies in New Jersey. They will give you all their quotes for free and if you tell them your budget they will quickly provide you the best car insurance quotes.

Website is also very easy to navigate and claim process is also very easy and simple. They also provide you the roadside help if you are on travel or need repair. They also give you multi insurance policy discount.

They provide lots of online assistance also. They install their tools in your car and it and this device will collect the all details. How much car you use, what time you go for ride how many times you use the break and if your statistics looks good then you can get discount up to 10%. But this device is not for every state. They have an app also which you can use for roadside assistance, upload photo of car damage and can pay for your policy.

You can use Progressive comparison tool to compare the quotation with all their quotes and also with their competitor insurance companies. Progressive is the only company which allows you to compare your policy with the other companies.

There is also advantage and disadvantage of Progressive car insurance. They do not have too much coverage options so customers not find it very helpful and because of it they get negative reviews. They have their device which helps them to understand your driving skills. How many times you use break, what is your driving time, you drive a lot in the night time. So they can give you some discount if they get the result that you are very protective with your car. But some people feel like that a big brother is watching you, like somebody spying you them.

  1. USAA is the option if you or were the part of US army. There is no better then USAA if you are the part of US army. This is the 3rd most rated car insurance company in New Jersey. They have a little tough quotation process but it this is all fine when you get the best policies for you. If you leave the quote process then you will get the surprisingly amazing quotes for you.

In some very important reports USAA scored perfect 100 and its top rated company. According to A.M. rating USAA get the most stable rating in USA.

But there are some points that you will not like and that is this is only for US army members and their family. They don’t provide some key coverage. They are very important coverage options like GAP insurance and car replacement coverage.

So these are the Best auto insurance companies in New Jersey. But here is also some option which you can use to get the best car insurance quote from above companies.


Always remember if you buying cheap car insurance that doesn’t mean it’s best auto insurance company in New Jersey or best car insurance. According to me, first, you need to make a list of what you want or what you need in insurance policy and then start contacting to other, call agents and ask for the quotes from the companies. After you done with your all checklist of your need,  search for the best insurance companies for car insurance then start contacting them.

You are living in New Jersey, then you have to pay more then what is nation paying right now. New Jersey is crowded state that means there are more chances of accidents, that’s why premiums are high here.

In a report, New Jersey is very expensive for car repairing and because of these factors insurance policies are very expensive. For the same insurance policy you will pay less if you are in another state.

So these are the top points to know about best auto insurance companies in New Jersey. Please this article so your friends and other also get the right information before buying the insurance.