Car insurance is expensive but if you are an aggressive driver and you are having a bad driving record then it will cost you more. The most states in U.S uses a point system to codify the violation and keep the track of your how terrible driver you are. You will get points from your insurance company for the moving violation when you do something illegal or dangerous while driving a vehicle whereas the parking ticket or busted tail lights will just come with the fines. Tickets which are issued under the insurance act or highway traffic act will appear on your driver record and it will surely affect your insurance rate. The car insurance rates between the car insurance companies can vary by hundreds or even in thousands of dollars. The simplest way to find the insurance companies which offers the lowest prices is to do the online search for the rates. The is offering the free rates search for the consumers so that they can get the insurance quote.

Ticket classification:

The tickets are divided into 3 classifications such as: minor, major and the serious convictions which include the criminal acts. All the tickets are having the demerits points which affect your insurance premium as well as your driving record.

Parking tickets:

The parking ticket will not affect your driver license or your insurance record. The only disadvantage of not paying the parking ticket is that you will be unable to renew your license plate which means that you are not able to get the renewal sticker if you don’t pay the parking tickets.

Minor, major and serious conviction:

Here is the list of the ticket classification and the different types of the minor, major and the serious conviction which will affect your insurance premium:

Minor tickets:

  • The defective brakes
  • Driver license violations
  • Failing to share the road
  • Failing to signal
  • Failing to use the seatbelts
  • Failing to yield a pedestrian
  • Headlight offences
  • Fail to produce the evidence of an insurance
  • Fail to carry insurance card
  • Improper turn
  • Improper passing
  • Following too closely
  • Improper towing
  • Overloading
  • Speeding
  • Unnecessary noise
  • Unsafe vehicle
  • Wrong turn on one way road

Major tickets:

  • failing to report about an accident
  • forget to report about the damages of the highway property
  • the insurance offences
  • any wrong statement of the insurance
  • operating the motor vehicle without the insurance
  • driving without insurance
  • produce any false evidence
  • Speeding in the construction zone will double your fines and points.

Serious convictions:

  • Criminal negligence
  • Dangerous driving
  • Failing to obey the police
  • Failing to remain at the accident scene
  • Driving under the suspension
  • Racing
  • Stunting

Demerit points


The drivers having the zero demerit points can accumulate the point of the convictions. The demerit point stays on your record for 2 years from the date of conviction. Having too many points can cause the suspension of your license. The demerit points are assigning by the ministry of the transportation. These demerits points will determine whether the driver license is going to be renewed or driver needs to be re tested.

Demerit point for the speeding ticket:

  • 16 to 29 km over the limit = 3 points
  • 30 to 49 km over the limit = 4 points
  • 50+ km over the limit = 6 points.

As a fully licensed driver:

  • Getting a 6 demerits points the insurance company will sent you the letter of warning
  • Getting the 9 points then you have to go for the interview to discuss about your record or give the reason why your license should not be suspended. If you don’t attend the interview then your license may be suspended.
  • After having the 15 points or more than your license will be suspended for 30 days. You can also lose your license for 2 years if you fail to surrender to your license.

After the suspension of your license you are required to complete the driver reexamination road test. The point which you will receive in your record is reduced by seven. Remaining points make you to go for the interview level. Again if you reach to the point 15 then your license will be suspended for 6 months.

Demerits points usually have no bearing on your insurance- according to your insurance company the ticket is the ticket whether it is a demerit point or not. It will surely affect your insurance rate. The suspension of your license will severely affect your insurance rates. If you fail to give the valid reason for needing your license or fail to attend your bearing then your license will be suspended.

The parking ticket can put you in the high risk in the auto insurance market. The insurance company will not directly rate the parking ticket. If you don’t pay for the parking ticket or pay them late then it could invalidate your driver license. As a result many people drive with the suspended license without even knowing. Driving with the expired or suspended license is illegal. The insurance company has a right to deny your insurance claim.

Traffic tickets and car insurance rates

When the auto insurance companies are determining your premium then one of the biggest factors they look is the history of the traffic tickets. If your driving record is showing more violation or the speeding tickets then your insurance company will see you as you will more likely to get in an accident. No one can predict how much your car insurance will go up after the ticket but your rates will surely go up with the higher number of the traffic tickets.

The impact of tickets on your premium- every insurance company has its different policy when it comes to the traffic tickets. For instance, one company can increase your rates for 2 years or another company will apply the surcharge which can be removed after a months or a year only if there are no more speeding tickets or the traffic violation on your driving record. If you are a long time customer and you maintain a good driving record then one ticket will not affect your car insurance rates. One speeding ticket will not increase the cost of your car insurance rates.

How the severity of the violation affects your rates

The adjustments of the premiums for the moving violation are different among the insurance companies. You can see the see the increasing rates for the serious conviction in your driving record. For example:

  • If you are driving with the broken headlight then you will get the low impact ticket
  • The over speeding at 10 miles over the speed limit then you can have the moderate effects on your car insurance rates.

Speeding tickets- if you get the ticket for the speeding then how much you were exceeding the speed limit will matters. The driver who gets the ticket for driving 15 miles above the speed limit will see that their insurance rates will increase more than the driver who gets ticket for going only the 5 miles above the speed limit. The higher auto accident rates are linked with the excessive speeding which makes you the bigger risk driver in the eyes of your auto insurance company.

Traffic tickets from other states- if you get ticket while driving outside your home state still you will face the increasing cost in your car insurance. Many states take a part in a program in which they share the information between the states regarding the traffic tickets or the moving violation. After getting the tickets your insurance company will decide whether these violations will increase your insurance premium or not. Many states are using a points system through which they will assign you the points for the moving violation which you will receive. The higher point values are related to the serious moving violations which stay on your driving record for the longer time and it will affect your insurance rates. The more points in your record then there will be more increasing rates.

Avoid the higher car insurance premium- the traffic tickets have the impact on your auto insurance rates. Remember that don’t admit the guilt when you receive the ticket because if you admit the guilt you won’t able to contest the ticket on a later date. Always keep in mind that the signing the ticket doesn’t mean that the admission of the guilt but paying the file is the admission of the guilt. Don’t pay the fine for the traffic ticket if you haven’t decided to contest the ticket. It is always a good idea to call your insurance company or the agent and ask how your ticket will affect your rates before making any decision regarding your ticket.

In many case the traffic ticket will get erased from your record so that it won’t affect your car insurance rates anymore. Such options are:

  • Enrolling to the traffic school
  • Taking a defensive driving course

Many states will allow you to complete the online course so that it will help you to get your ticket erased from your driving record. The best way to avoid the expensive premiums is to get the good car insurance rates and to obey all the traffic laws and most important to drive safely to avoid the violations and the accidents. Maintaining the clean driving record is the best way to get the cheap car insurance.

In their life every driver will get the parking ticket. If you park the car in the wrong place then you have to pay the fine. Parking tickets don’t have the long lasting effect on your insurance policy. We all know that the driving record has the impact on how much premium you have to pay. If you are a safe driver then your rates will be lower or if you are a high risk driver then your rates is higher. Remember that when you get in an accident or stopped for the over speeding after that your rates will be increased but it will not be done in case of the parking ticket because the driving record is affected by the moving violations. The parking tickets are on the stationary vehicles which is not considered as the moving violations and it will not directly affect your insurance policy.

The parking ticket is not having the direct impact on your insurance policy but indirectly it will affect the insurance rates. If you don’t pay your fines on time then it will be resulted as your license will get suspended. The time duration of the suspension is different in every state. Remember that the suspension of license will also affect your insurance rates. If it will happens many times then some insurance companies swill refuse to insure you. You have to pay the higher premiums. That is why always pay your fines on time and maintain a good relationship with your insurance company.